Friday, December 21, 2007

How I Will Spend My Holiday Weekend

Lucky for me, I also get Monday off, so I will have a four day weekend coming up. So what am I going to do?

I'm basically alone this weekend as I have left my girlfriend up in Seattle for now, and won't be seeing her until the next weekend. Despite the fact that I could use a nice respite from a rather hectic work week (and nightmarish commute) I will be quite busy. On my to do list

  • Catch up on this blog. I really want to pick at least two or three stocks this weekend and at least set up my portfolio

  • Attend a Heroes marathon at my friend's place

  • Find an apartment. I'm pretty tired of the commute, and need to get a permanent place closer to work

  • Catch up with some California friends. Actually haven't seen anyone since I got here a week ago.

  • Balance out my regular portfolio. Probably need to make some sales of stocks for tax reasons.

  • Sleep. I've been working 11 hour days this week on top of a 4 hour commute.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I work evenings and weekends since I'm a stay at home dad. So I'll be busy in front of a glowing screen.

    Terrence, I've got a suggestion for a post. I've noticed you're a fan of individual stocks and your first to do includes picking more stocks to invest in.

    I would be interested in reading a post about why you are investing in individual stocks instead of through index funds.

  2. Good suggestion Aaron. I'll write it up this weekend, and make a post of it sometime during the week.

  3. I'm going to eat, eat, and read... and probably shop to exchange some unwanted Christmas gifts. Happy holidays!