Friday, December 7, 2007

Why No Trades This Week?

OK, I promised I would do a trade this week, and I didn't. My bad. I'm in the middle of a move, and for those of you who have moved across country before, you know what a huge pain in the butt it can be.

I was planning on trading Activision this week. I had researched it last weekend, and was ready to pounce on it Monday or Tuesday. Then of course they announced the Vivendi deal, and that killed any trade I could do.

So now I'm looking for my next story that will be successful. I was carefully watching Apple today. It looked good while the rest of the market was kind of flat. It found some resistance as it met its 52-week high but I like the price action it can have between now, Christmas, and Mac World. May try and get into it on Monday, we will see how things turn out. The other name I'm closely watching is Potash. They make fertilizer. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but right now there is a global growth story happening in the farming industry and this company looks poised to take full advantage of it. I'll have to examine their charts this weekend, and I'll try and make a call on it before I head down to California at the end of the week.

Everyone have a great weekend. There will probably be some significant changes on this site over the weekend, so watch out for them!


  1. hi ya, oh moving. we had 7 crates, readied for fork lifts... nothing broke, yes! success with your move, good call on 'standing aside', distracted is no way to trade. Potasch, looks sturdy and certainly a buy awhile ago, i don't concur on your signals, the is 'watching' sounds prudent , it's above support, looks toppy and RSI tops are declining. a better buy moment may yet still come. succes.

  2. Thanks for your input. Yeah, moving is a pain, but everyone has excuses for not getting the job done. The one thing I would say about Potash, even though it has had a good run, it can still go up more. I'm doing short momentum trades. Long term, maybe not a great buy, but when you have a short time horizon, you look at different things.

    what is your normal trading window?

  3. if short term is your window, short it today and buy again at 115. success.

    i try to follow elders concept of three screens (time frames) to determine trade buy and sell signals. i manage my own ira in a reputable family of funds and although they all frown on timing , i do. these are long term goals. a small percent of total capital is used in day / week trading keeping major trends in mind. i usually try to follow (ie focus ) on a few trade worthy stocks and get to know the characteristics of the traders in these to go with their flow (ie their momentum, as you put it).

    i'm still looking for the index which can be analyzed for the spread on the 2 and 10 year treasury. have you found anything in this area? UBS, just came with a market shocker, it hit the morning cnbc squawk box , europe edition. this could be a memorable week!

  4. I don't think I'll short POT, but I might not buy it this high. I don't generally like to chase stocks, but I might have to chase Apple. Apple has looked really strong despite a not so great market. I don't think it belongs up here, but at the same time I don't want to fight the market which keeps taking it higher. I think Apple will break 200 soon, and it's all up from there till the end of the year.

    I don't know of what you look for in terms of how to play the spread between the 2 and the 10, at least not an index that will do it.

    I'm interested to see how the market will react to the UBS news. It might already be priced in so it will be interesting to see how the market will move.

  5. good idea, i should have put a smiley there ("short ::-) " ).

  6. good call on both your picks. and to wait for the market. UBS did a good job to wait for the two announcements and present them simultaneously (1 we're taking a write down and 2 we have someone covering it). here the trading day is closing, dinner is in the oven and ...... your site, interesting, assymetry is in, so this makes it VERY stylish ::-) be good to yourself, call it a job well done.

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