Thursday, December 13, 2007

Save the Kitty! - Part 2

In a relatively short amount of time, I've become very high on the search "Save the Kitty" in Google. This of course refers to my earlier post about how donating to my site could actually save my kitty's life. Well just to show you how bad things have gotten I present you with these two pictures.


This looks like a seemingly normal pile of large wrapping paper. But take a look inside

My poor cat has resorted to living in this paper bag because you refused to donate money to help him! It is the only shelter he can find from this brutal Seattle rain. Why won't you help this kitty? Why do you want to hurt this kitty? Donate now and you can help help put a real roof over his head.

*Note - I'm somewhere on I-5 on my way from Seattle to L.A. This post and tomorrow's are being blogged via Wordpress' delay post feature. Be back next week with my thoughts on starting a new job!

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