Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Budgeting time

One of the thing I find myself struggling with is how to appropriately budget time for this project. With a goal as nebulous as "make money by any and all means necessary" you can sink a lot of time into trying to make something work and at the same time feeling like you didn't accomplish all that much. Despite the fact that I'm not working, and already have my next job lined up, I find that I feel very busy all the time because I'm thinking about this site. How can I get traffic up? Does my design look right? What should I write about next? Etc.

Lucky for me I am a program manager. We are used to dealing with ambiguity and hectic project schedules. But still I find, when you are doing something for yourself, people like myself will tend to overextend themselves. I am not going to try and budget my time better over the next few weeks. This is going to become absolutely critical as I start my new job and I don't have all the time in the world to devote to this journey. So starting today, I'm only going to devote one or two hours during the week to this, two or three hours on the weekend. It will be focused work rather than the kind of helter-skelter approach I have taken so far. My primary focuses will be:

  1. Drive traffic up - This includes features added to the website to do this as well as visiting other people's blogs

  2. Pick stocks -Since I won't be trading as frequently, I don't need to spend as much time poring over my stocks. Also, I have gotten most of what I need to learn to analyze charts down, just need to apply it now.

  3. Writing - I'm going to concentrate most of my writing on the weekends, and then space out my post during the week.

  4. Coming up with other money making ideas - Last but certainly not least. Will set aside at least one of my sessions per week to try and come up with something I haven't tried yet.

  5. Working on my website - It is for the most part set up now and the way I want it to be. Will work no more than once a week making improvements or tweaking the site from here on.

That's my project plan, hopefully I can stick with it now. Do you have any ideas on how I should budget my time or things I should be focused on? How about you, have you found you are spending too much time on your website?

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