Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Look

No, you aren't going crazy. Despite being only about four weeks in, I decided to go with a different look to the blog. I prefer the two side column look over the one column look I had before. Hopefully, this should be it when it comes to changing the look of the site overall. It actually took me all day to get it to look just the way I wanted even though changing a Word Press theme should be as simple as a mouse click. Maybe that doesn't say very much about my intelligence ...


  1. The one think I didn't like about the old layout was the DJ logo was horribly aliased... It burned my eyes just looking at it! But yeah, I like this new look too. (But all day?!)

  2. Yes, I hated the aliasing problem. I honestly spent a lot of time trying to fix it and couldn't do it. Rick bugged me constantly about it.

    Yes all day, or about 5 hours on and off. I'm not a CSS expert, so it took me some time to figure out how to place things appropriate, space them out, change some styles, etc.