Friday, November 23, 2007

New - Top Commenters

CommentsI added a new plugin to track who was commenting on this blog. I want to thank everyone who has thus far left a comment for me. Only two weeks into this little adventure, I have done better in terms of comments than I would have originally thought. Comments are like crack to bloggers. It makes it worth coming in and spending some time, often a lot of time, to come up with something interesting and worthwhile. I enjoy interacting with other people on this blog, and so I encourage everyone to try and get to the top in terms of "Top Commenters"

So to all those who have commented thus far, thanks. For all those of you who haven't commented yet, why haven't you? :)


  1. Are you trying to pad your comments Jenny :)

    In Other news, I decided to add "Reply to this Comment". It messed up my color scheme, so I'll have to try and figure it out, but otherwise, should make replying to comments cleaner.