Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How I Got This Idea

Feeling kind of nauseous all day yesterday and today. Not sure why, perhaps a stomach flu, perhaps the thought of losing $20,000 is getting to me. So this post isn't going to be too long.

Really quick, wanted to touch on what gave me this crazy idea. I have a friend, his name is Rick, and we worked together when I was employed by the Evil Empire. He produces a Free Photoshop alternative called Paint.NET. If you know Rick, you know he talks about it all the time. And one of the things he loves to talk about is how he can actually make money off a program he gives away for free or how he can actually increase the amount of money he can make by doing X, Y, or Z. Thanks to people like Google and Ad Sense, this has become a real viable alternative. And then there are people like John Chow, and a host of other people who make money off of just blogging. It's crazy but it's true.

So Rick likes to bug me to go start up my own website. I had been reluctant to go do it because I honestly did not have a lot of free time to work on it. But all that changed about a month ago when I decided to quit my job. Now I have too much free time so needed some sort of creative outlet. So about two weeks ago, I said what the hell. I didn't want to just start some random blog, I wanted it to have a purpose and something that people might actually want to read about. So I came up with DoubleJourney. A nice simple idea that is easy to understand and hopefully interesting to follow.

Got to go rest right now. I've been trying to start some books I have on trading stocks, but haven't felt up to actually reading any of them yet. Hopefully, with a little more rest, I can make some progress.

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