Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adsense Videos

As I was looking around my Adsense site, I noticed that there was now an option for a video option courtesy of YouTube. I have thus far only done a small adsense section in the lower right corner of my blog, but was curious to see what the Adsense/YouTube add would actually look like. So I'm putting the code here to see what it looks like. I'll post it up for a while, and share my thoughts on it after I see how it really works.


Finally got this to work, but had to do a few things to make sure Javascript works in a Wordpress Post. It was surprisingly hard to figure out how to do this. So if anyone else wants to figure out how to make an adsense Video script work in wordpress you just have to do the following

  1. Read this about Javascript and Wordpress. Specifically the section about Javascript in Post.

  2. Download and install the text control plugin.

  3. Set it so that the post is not formatted

  4. Plugin the Script that YouTube gives you. Use the "code" section of the post.

  5. Do not re-save the work as soon as you paste the code. Wordpress formats this for some reason, breaking the post.

Not a huge fan of this. Not sure how one would use it to integrate it into your site. Am I supposed to have a big section to the side to host this video? I also can't control the content on it at all so how do I know my readers would be interested in it? It's kind of big and obtrusive, unlike traditional adsense ads and the adsense area is kind of small in comparison to the video so not sure how well it will be as an advertising section. I don't see how I would use it on my site, but I'll search around and see if I can find anyone who actually does something creative or useful with this new ad format.


  1. Ridiculous. Ew. Please don't... Big... obtrusive... ugly... Yikes!

  2. Yeah, not a big fan of the way it looks here, but I am interested in knowing how other sites may have implemented this.