Monday, November 19, 2007

Made My First $0.01 with Adsense Today

Google AdsenseSo one of the things I definitely plan on doing to help me double this money is to put advertising on this blog. Hopefully that will help close the gap between what I can realistically make and my goals.  Some people, like John Chow, are able to make several thousand dollars a month just in advertising.  I'm not so ambitious as that, but I do hope I can somehow make a little bit of money in this manner.

So to test some stuff out, and because I have more traffic there, I put up my first ad today using Google's Adsense on my other blog .   I won't give a day to day account about what happens, but today I earned my very first cent, and it was exactly one cent.  So if I can just put together a few more days like this, I will be about $4.00 closer to my goal of $20,000 by the end of this journey next year.  Hey that's 0.02%.  Just need to find out how to make the other 99.98% now.


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