Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Link Love

I had someone ask me if it was OK to link to my site. The simple answer is Yes!

I could use all the link love I can get right now. It's hard when you are first starting out a website because you can feel kind of alone out here sometimes. That's why the comments are always appreciated, and the links back to my site are always welcome. If I really wanted to keep this a secret, I wouldn't put it out on the web for the world to see. In fact, the very point of me starting up a website and blogging about it is to solicit others feedback, and get ideas on what to do next. The more ideas and comments that come my way the better. So please, publicize my website. Talk and link all you want. And of course, please keep the comments coming :)

As I wrote this post, I started thinking about how I could encourage people to link to this site and to leave comments behind. One easy way would be to run a contest. I need to think about this a little bit more and fully develop the idea, but you can be sure it will be coming soon. If you want to get a head start though, please link to my site, or leave some comments. I'll count any link or comment now toward that contest :)

Anyone else have any bright ideas on how best to increase traffic and participation?


  1. Hi Terrence!

    Really nice project! I sort of found it accidently when I was reading the Blog. Well it's funy and interessting at the same time to read how you two guys think about making money! This donation and adSense stuff has never crossed my mind until I read the blog! It is actually quite great. I have to think about using this kind of things too. Or at least I should as well try it.

    Well I am looking forward to your progress. I guess because of the getpaint blog people will find this site quite soon. I am from Switzerland. As you see your site is starting to be read even in Europe!

    By the way, on my last trip around the world I cam through Seattle. Nice area over there!!!

    Well then, good luck!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jones. Always good to get someone who is international on board. I'm hoping that people do start to find their way to this site, and that I'm somehow successful in this journey of mine. At the very least, I'm having fun trying to do it.