Monday, November 24, 2008

On Vacation


I'm taking the week off to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday.  So I'm going to write some post ahead of time and post them throughout the week.

I do not take vacation too often.  It is especially odd that I'm essentially taking a week off of work, although I'm really only taking three days of vacation.  It just seems there is never a good time to take vacation and now is particularly tough for me.  There has been some upheaval at work.  While many people get stressed out in these types of situation, I always take it as an opportunity.  I have made the most progress in my career in such chaotic situations.  It is in these times that great leadership is needed and those who demonstrate it stand to do well.

To exacerbate the situation, I'm very interested in trading this week.  I really do think there are some great buying opportunities right here so long as you are in it for the long term.  There are several things on my shopping list that are very good buys here.  I still think the market could go down from here.  But I don't think it is down another 40%.  We might have 10% more to go, and then there will probably be a leveling off.  No need for me to pick the bottom, also no need to chase the market up.  I just wish the market would settle down for a few days.   If I can, in between catching some sunrays and watching out for any killer whales, I am going to try to do some trading and of course some blogging.


  1. Have a good time. Market is still very volatile so take it slow on the trades.

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