Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Bad Is the Economy?

Cat in a bag

So bad, my cat has moved into a paper bag. I'm actually not too sure why he likes to do this, but he seems to like to get himself into small tight spaces like paper bags or boxes.  It's odd.

Just a quick post tonight.  Lots of things going on at work, some of which I will blog about later, but don't have the energy to do it tonight.  One thing, the market rallied on almost no news.  I was about to go long, since I had closed my short position yesterday as I mentioned in my last post, but all the turmoil at work once again got in my way of making any trades.

No way to play the market where it is right now.  I will just wait and hope we rally a bit more before I go short again.  Another 5% up from here, or the S&P 500 being at about 950, and I will look to get short again.  Until then, I'm probably out and won't make any trades.


  1. Maybe you should invest in a bigger bag for your cat. That's an investment that will pay off immediately!