Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Positive in the Financial Crisis

So there is definitely one positive thing happening because of this financial crisis.  People are talking about it.

I love talking about financial matters.  It is one of the reasons this blog exists.  My ears perk up whenever someone around work starts talking about saving, investing, and the stock market.  I love sharing the wisdom I have learned over the years with people just starting out.  It is one of the reasons I keep this blog up even though my original goal has gone out the window.

Because of the financial crisis, I have talked more about finance, money, and the economy at work than I ever have before.  People are interested in what is going on and don't always understand what is really happening.  I don't expect anyone to be as into it as I am, so I try and explain my perspective as much as I can so I can educate others.  The benefit of this is that often times, I can get someone interested enough that they start seriously thinking about their future.  I believe I have convinced more than one person to at least start putting away some money in their 401K.  I think I may have even convinced someone to dabble a little bit in the stock market.

At the very least, I hope this crisis gets people talking and interested in money and the economy.  I believe we are probably in for some rough times ahead, and the more people who take an active interest in their own financial matters, the better off I think we will all be.


  1. It seems we share similar stories. I too have become the go-to guy in my office when it comes to financial questions. I let them know that I don't know everything, but they come to me anyway. It's fun for me to get people to think about their money matters because so many people feel money is just a thing you have to deal with... but it can be so much more.

    The most recent 'convert' in my office started his 401K in September and he is getting in at such a great price level and will hopefully continue to contribute. Like you, its the helping people that I enjoy the most.

  2. I heard on the radio that Americans may have a new financial culture: we will only buy what we can afford!

  3. Yeah, that will be the day

  4. Yeah, talking about the economy and politics are no longer as taboo as religion.