Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama - The 44th President


I did want to say Congratulations to Obama.  Although I don't agree with all his politics, I do believe him to be an honorable man and a good leader. One thing that struck me in this campaign was that I really did believe that both candidates were good people.  I disagreed with parts of both parties platform, but in the end, I didn't hate either candidate.  This was a welcome relief when compared to someone like George Bush who I just couldn't believe ever rose to the highest office in the land.  Even in defeat, I thought John McCain was pretty gracious.

I think Obama will be a good President.  I am happy to witness this watershed moment in American History.  Let there be no mistake, this is a truly historic moment that I wasn't sure would happen any time soon.  A black man will be President of the United States.  A minority has made a meteoric rise against some pretty big odds.   It fills me with some pride that we as a nation have gotten to a point where this is even possible.  I just hope he treats this opportunity for what it really is and rewards the American people for the faith they have bestowed upon him.


  1. I'm just glad to see that America can be open-minded enough to vote for a non-white male president.