Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sushi Land

Sushi Land Fish

I went back to Seattle this past weekend, and one of the places I stopped was good, old, cheap Sushi Land. Actually, I went twice. Considering I only had four meals there, taking half of them at Sushi Land should tell you how much I miss the place. My two meals there came to a total of about $20 each. For that price, I was able to eat until both me and my girlfriend were quite full. Since I normally focus on nigiri rather than rolls or noodles, I'm able to eat quite cheaply. Most of the nigiri is $1.50. The one general exception is pictured to the left, the sockeye salmon.

Sitting here in bright, warm, Southern California and thinking about the sushi almost makes me want to move back. OK, maybe not.


  1. I discovered that if you put the spicy sauce on some of the $1 plates, those dishes taste so much better.

  2. Not a big fan of the spicy sauce, so this doesn't do me any good. :)

  3. [...] in Seattle was fortuitous because I got to visit Rick and make a stop at one of my old favorites Sushi Land.  Great to see Rick, not so great to go to Sushi Land.  Maybe I’ve been away too long or [...]