Sunday, February 10, 2008

Someone is Happy to Be Back in California

Kitty in the Sun

Yesterday we had a very nice, albeit typical, California day. It was in the mid to high 70's for most of the day and even got to the point I turned on the AC just to cool the apartment down a bit. There was one person who was even more happy than me to be back in California. That would be my cat pictured above. One of the big drawbacks in living in a place like Seattle was that we just did not get much sun. To make matters worse, my apartment in Seattle did not really get any direct sunlight.

When you have a kitty that loves to sun bathe, that can be a problem. Now that we are back in Southern California and I have a southern facing apartment, kitty just loves to spend his day sprawled out and laying in the sun. Lucky for him he doesn't realize how much more expensive it is to live here. Despite a higher salary than what I was earning in Washington, I'm really not saving more money. In fact, I'm probably saving less. We will see how it all equalizes as soon as my move in cost are gone and my girlfriend eventually makes it down, but for now, definitely not saving as much money as I was before.


  1. But money's not everything. I know that I would much rather be reasonably happy for 30 years before being able to retire than be miserable for 15 just so I could retire early.

    My cats love sunbathing too :D
    All six of them =-O

  2. No money isn't everything, but it is something :)

    Seattle really isn't all that bad. There are times I miss it. Just not days like we had this weekend.

  3. Cute kitty. It's worth moving back to a sunny place :)

  4. I heard on the radio a couple of months back about a survey taken in the U.K. According to this survey, over 60% of married women said they were unhappy in their marriage, but cannot afford to divorce their husbands. That extra income from your mate makes a difference! Tell you girlfriend to move soon.

  5. I've tried to convince her to get down here as soon as possible! I should have you try and talk some sense into her.

  6. [...] I’m watching the Morning Show right now and they just put up a graphic of the weather throughout the country.   They showed the northwest, including Seattle, to be in the 30’s and 40’s today with rain.   I’m looking outside my window at the bright sun and blue sky.   It is  70 degrees and it is only going to get warmer as the day goes on.  Guess my cat isn’t the only person happy to be back in California [...]