Monday, February 11, 2008

Samsung Blackjack 2 - A review

Blackjack 2I got a Samsung Blackjack 2 a few weeks ago, and I have to say I like it so far.  Now I have to say one thing up front, I've never really had a "smart phone".  I've always used my phone to make phone calls.  A novel idea I know.  But I decided to get a phone that would allow me to check my work e-mail where I was, so I got this phone.

I had heard bad things about the Blackjack 1.  But to be honest, I just didn't care what I got.  I figured it was all the same so long as I could check my mail.  Despite being a technology geek, and working at a telecom company, I've just never really been into phones.  So I just ordered whatever was convenient and this is what I got.

I have to say, I like it a lot.  The screen is bright, it's slim, and it does what I need it to do which is make calls, check mail, and occasionally look something up on the internet.  It is 3G capable, which means internet browsing is fast, and I like the display and keypad just fine.  Of course like anything it does have its drawbacks.  First off, navigating through this thing was not intuitive.  Now that I got it down, I can get through, but for a first time user, Windows Mobile 6 is not the most user friendly thing around.  I know for a fact that Microsoft is starting to divert a lot of resources over in that division, so hopefully this will improve over time.

Also, the battery life is not so great.  The 3G really sucks the life out of the battery, so if you plan on doing more than just the occasional  search, be ready to find a plug fast.  That's the other thing I don't like about it.  It has a proprietary plug  for out output and input.  So despite the fact that it can play music, you are going to have to buy Samsung's own headphones.

Overall a thumbs up.  But then again, I have nothing to compare it to.


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