Thursday, February 28, 2008

No post till later


Traveling back up to Seattle to see the girlfriend this weekend. Was going to try and write something up tonight, but it is really really late. I got home from a late night of playing RockBand desipte the fact I have to get up early to catch the commuter train since I'm leaving straight from work and not taking my car. Instead I'll leave a bunch of links I'm reading.

Oil Surpasses $103 for First Time - Do I hear $110?

Bush, Fed Chief See No Recession Ahead - Thanks Ben. Really.

 Dollar weakens even Further.  - Weak dollar causes higher oil, causes inflation, amplified by the fact foreign goods are more expensive.  Not pretty

Dell Misses -  Whatever happened to Dell?  They used to make such great affordable computers.  My latest experiences have not been all that favorable.

I'll try to post while in Seattle this weekend.  Everyone take care.


  1. RockBand is awesome. The hardest part was to find a willing singer for the band.

  2. The drums are fun. Great game for families.