Sunday, February 24, 2008

Save Money On Pet Toys

I used to buy my cat lots of toys. I figured I was doing OK financially and that I might as well "spoil" my cat a little by buying him toys whenever I had the chance. Part of it was guilt because I knew I didn't play with my cat nearly as much as I should.

However, I soon learned that buying cat toys was a waste of money. My cat found ways to entertain himself with whatever was lying around. I think I first came to this realization when I tried to celebrate Christmas with my cat by buying him some gifts. He ended up playing more with the wrapping paper and ribbon than he did with anything I bought him.

To prove my point, I took this video of my cat. Here he is with a plastic bag I happened to leave on the floor.

He rarely if ever enjoys playing with the toys I buy him from the store. He's learned to entertain himself with bags, string, cords, leaves I drag in from outside, etc. The last toy I bought him, a self moving electronic gizmo with some sort of feather attached to the end of it, entertained him for about 5 minutes, and then was forgotten. Cost $20. This bag cost me nothing, and brought him the same amount of amusement.


  1. That's exactly how my mom's cat plays with her ball of yarn. Hours and hours of entertainment for 6 years!

  2. My guess is that you were watching football and at some point a Mac commercial for the new laptop came on. Am I right?

  3. yeah, you can hear that in the background. I wasn't watching football, i don't remember what I was watching, but the iphone commercial did come on. I tried to shoot another video without the background noise, but it wasn't nearly as cute.

  4. T- very cute but one word of caution. When my cat was playing with a plastic bag he put his head through the handle and then when he tried to get out, the bag made noise and scared him. He ended up running like crazy to 'escape' the bag noice and then he ran under the couch and was almost strangled. We had to lift the couch and cut him free.

  5. That's kind of a scary story actually. I'll definitely have to watch him and be careful. My cat has done the same thing. He constantly scares himself when he plays with the bag.