Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bought a Fridge

FridgeSo I had to buy a refrigerator for my new apartment. Despite living on my own for the last decade or so, I've actually never owned a fridge. There was always one in every apartment I rented. This unit didn't have one, so I had to go out and buy one.
It actually took me a real long time to decide what to get. You see, I'm just not use to buying big ticket items. There are very few times I've ever spent over $500 on any one purchase. I had considered just getting a cheap fridge and saving the money. Why get a good fridge when this isn't a real permanent option and I will in all likelihood move within a year?

The counter argument of course is that I hate buying things that I get rid of after a short time only to replace it with another item. You end up spending way more money than if you were to just buy the better item in the first place and you are incrementally happier with that purchase for the life of the product.

This is part of the reason that this journey will prove and has proven so difficult for me. I am not use to buying things and getting rid of them quickly. I do things for the long haul, and this short time frame is just foreign to me. Well that and the fact that I barely have any time to sleep much less think about how I'm going to make money.

Somehow I managed to equate the stock market with buying appliances.  I really must be some sort of finance geek.


  1. Thanks. But as good as it looks, it was a real pain in the ass to get it into my apartment. It barely fit into the space for it, my kitchen is too small.

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  3. I went to a house-warming party recently and saw the same fridge at the house. It's very quiet and sleek. Good buy!