Monday, January 28, 2008

A World Without Internet

As my last post has indicated, I have moved.  Unfortunately, I don't have my internet access setup.  Since I don't blog from work, this means that my posting and responses are going to be a little bit spotty over the next few days.   It's amazing to me how disconnected I feel when I don't have access to the internet.  I checked my e-mail and there wasn't that much for me to really pay attention to, but I still felt very disconnected from the rest of the world until I was actually able to check it.  And there are the little things.  My AV definitions of my computer are out of date, so it keeps bugging me to update them.  My media center PC can't update it's guide so I can't easily figure out what the heck I'm watching on TV.  It's times like this that you realize how for so many of us, it is so important to be connected.  The internet is supposed to be turned on this Wednesday, so I only have to last a few days.  It's going to feel like an eternity to me. 


  1. I love the internet and hate not being able to check on it regularly.

  2. Yes, I am the exact same way. I just got a phone though where I have access all the time now. I love it.

  3. "A World Without Internet" sounds like it should be a Hollywood movie title :)