Monday, January 7, 2008

Morning Trade - Starbucks

Today, it was announced that Howard Schulz would retake the helm as CEO of Starbucks.

The stock is on a free fall for the last year.  Just take a look at the chart

Starbucks Chart

See how the chart moves in almost a straight line down to the right?  This is a VERY UGLY chart.  Yes, it is Janet Reno ugly.  But I think the trend is over.  There is no technical reason that it should be, at least not yet, but I think that Schulz taking over now puts a bottom in the stock.  I hate calling bottoms, but in this case I would.  The stock should open up significantly, it is above $20 in afterhours trading.  I wouldn't get in at the bell, the stock will pull back in the morning, but I would watch the stock carefully over the next day or two.  If it can put a few good days together, than this sets up nicely for a good trade.

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