Friday, January 11, 2008

Cuban Cigars Suck


Despite the fact I stated I never smoke, I was coincidently talked into smoking a Cuban cigar last night. I figured you don't often get the chance to smoke one in the United States, so I might as well take advantage of the situation while I could. So I sat down with some friends and a few Cubans and a nice eighteen year old scotch.

Now while I don't actually think the cigar sucked, I really don't get what was so great about it. Maybe it is because I'm a non-smoker, but I really just don't get the appeal of this. I honestly tried to enjoy it, but I just couldn't. I don't think it was particularly flavorful or anything like that. It just felt like I was inhaling some smoke. Now granted, I have nothing to compare it to. Maybe it is so wise to start out with the very best. But this will be the last cigar I probably ever smoke.

What do you think? Have you smoked a Cuban Cigar before? What did you think?


  1. I enjoy a good Cuban every now and then (make sure it's the good stuff). Just remember not to inhale like cigarettes. You just need to let the taste dance on your tongue... then exhale. Well, I know what I'm doing tonight.

  2. I've never tried cigars, but am slightly curious now.


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    ps. they're overrated by those that would have you promote their status if they do smoke them and promoted by those who would make money by it's status. I have enjoyed sitting to a cigar, a brandy and good music. None of these are negative, all in excess can be.

  4. a cognac, fireplace, good company and excellent music. recipe for relaxation. although the type of cigar and price have nothing to do with the QUALITY of enjoyment, the cuban cigar is over rated.

  5. whats th fucking point if your not going to inhale

  6. Well, cuban cigars have been overrated for years. All of the other countries figured out how cubans were made and have long since surpassed the quality of the cubans.

    Furthermore, cuba is a small place. They can only grow so mch tobacco so fast and keeping up with the demand of the world runs its toll on the quality of tobacco.

    There's tons of better stuff out there.


  7. cubans are the best, i've tried both.

    there is no denying their flavor.

  8. You've tried "both"?

    There's THOUSANDS of different cigars.

    You think there's only two?

    You DEFINITELY don't know what "the best" is. Especially
    if you think it's a disgusting low-quality fucking Cuban.

  9. there the bom i luve them cuba rock hard like a rock hahaha>>>>>

  10. For one, you do inhale cigars, just not in the same capacity as you would a cigarette. You also do NOT want to hold the cigar in your mouth for long periods of time and let the butt end of the cigars get all gooey. That is what causes the cigar to drip juices onto your gums which can lead to mouth cancer. Furthermore, Cuban cigars are actually quite terrible. The only real allure to Cubans is the fact that they are illegal here in the US due to our trade embargo on Cuban products. Dominican cigars are quite tasty as are Nicaraguan cigars. Cubans tend to be rolled with poor tobacco and usually taste dirty. I have tried many different Cuban cigars and all have been sub par. I would personally rather have a $10 US made cigar over a Cuban. I usually smoke 30-40 dollar Domincans. Those, to me, seem to be the most flavorful cigars in my price range. Why spend more on a Cuban and get less flavor, when you can spend less on a Domincan and get one of the most flavorful cigars man has ever made?

  11. I agree that cubans suck.

    but, some people seem to enjoy them.

    I prefer dominican. wow. what a great flavor. Hope we don't go to war with them, and embargo a cigar that is actually worthy.


  12. Actual Cigar SmokerJuly 11, 2011 at 4:03 PM

    Some of these comments are just moronic. Like wine/coffee or most other products where region/soil play a huge part in their character most people don't have the pallet to objective review cigars. It's one thing for them to not suit you, it's another to say they suck or x is better than y.. Cuban cigars are not overrated... People who want to sound like they know something say that. Smoking a couple of fakes your buddy brought back from Cancun doesn't qualify you to make judgments on the quality of Cuban cigars.

    Jazepentz..there aren't words to describe your level of stupidity. Everything you said is completely wrong. You're too dumb to figure out why or understand if I tell you so I'll just leave you to your ignorance.

    Some Dominicans/Nicaraguans are great, most are just OK
    Some Cubans are good, most are great
    A well aged Cuban is amazing

  13. for the taste, you idiot