Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Macbook Air

This week at Mac World, Steve Jobs announced the company's latest product, the Macbook Air. I have to admit, it is pretty cool. I'm actually in the market for a new laptop and I'm leaning toward getting a mac (despite my dark Microsoft days). In case you haven't heard yet, here is a video showing the Macbook Air.

Now the problem is that it starts around $1800 and goes up from there all the way up to $3000. It's a little bit more than I want to spend.On a related note, boy am I glad I didn't buy Apple when I was looking at it.The stock looked poised for weakness there and boy was I right. Rick urged me to buy at $195, but I resisted. The stock closed just under $160 today, down 6%, I would have taken a huge haircut on that trade (although I would have gotten out way before now) Maybe I should ask Rick for advice, and then do the exact opposite. I might make my double then!

Actually, my advice would be to short Apple at this point. The market is looking ugly, and the former leaders like Apple are going to get whacked. Short the market as a whole (sds) or short some of the stocks that have been great like Apple or Monsanto.


  1. Wow, that laptop is super thin. If I had a job and the ability to get a new laptop, I would...although I am unclear - does this new laptop replace the MacBook Pro?

  2. Jenny, the Macbook Air is forging new ground, but might be a substitute for people looking for a new 12" powerbook.

    But, most people would find life difficult if the Macbook Air was their only computer because it lacks an optical drive. You still need a secondary computer if you want to use a cd or dvd.

    DJ, you definitely should switch to a Mac. But I'd recommend you go with an iMac or a Macbook---unless you're certain you'll need the extra power that a macbook pro provides.

  3. The lack of an optical drive doesn't bother me all that much, I barely use mine as it is.

    My bing hangup to switching to a mac would be that I can still get MS software pretty cheap considering I'm an alumni. That being said, that is a relatively minor consideration on my part.

  4. That is amazing. I might get one.... My only hang up with Macs is there's no right mouse button.

  5. Bluestreak, Apple's "mighty mouse" does have a right click button. They include the mouse with iMacs, but their laptops only have one button. Right click functionality is accomplished by holding the control button while clicking. My 12" powerbook was my only computer for three years and I never missed having a second trackpad/mouse button.

    However, these days I'm using a cordless logitech mouse which does have a right mouse button. The functionality is there. Don't let Steve's stubbornness keep you from a better computing experience.