Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Had to Open My Big Mouth

No more than 30 minutes after I wrote my last post and penned this,

Part of me hopes to just get called for a jury.  Might be more interesting than just sitting and waiting here with nothing to do.

I get called for a jury panel that might have to sit for a trial lasting sixty days.  I will not know until next Tuesday if I actually have to go and sit for this.  I doubt it, since I filled in my form incorrectly and said my employer would pay for jury duty indefinitely (they don't).  Oh well.  Just goes to show me that I have to shut up sometimes.


  1. How long does your employer cover?

  2. You can always answer all questions in an extreme matter. That's a sure fire way to not get picked.

  3. [...] had to go to Jury Duty today.  I went last week,  but was told to come back today to see if I was going to serve on a jury lasting sixty days.  [...]