Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Reason We Need Less Government

When you serve jury duty, the government normally gives you a nominal stipend.  In the case of Los Angeles County the stipend is $15 a day plus mileage.  You do not get the money the first day you go in and wait to get on a jury.  You are only supposed to get "paid" for any subsequent days after that.  They made this very clear to all of us the first day we showed up.

Those who follow the blog know that I had to go back for jury duty.  I did not get picked to be on the jury, so I got to leave on the second day.  This means I should have received a check for $15 plus mileage.  Today I got a check in the mail for $38, two days of serving plus two days of mileage.  This is just a mistake and one that I am sure is not isolated to myself.  I am certain there are many "glitches" like this in government where we overpay for services rendered.  I am not suggesting that this not happen in the private sector.  I am sure that it does.  But to me, it just came to little surprise that something like this happened.

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  1. And the mystery of how state and federal budgets are out of whack continues to grow...