Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winning Awards at Work

Sorry, don't have much time for a post today.  I'm beat.  It has been a long long week and it is only Tuesday!

I'm going to stray a little off topic because I honestly do not have the energy to think about a creative blog topic today.  I need to get some rest.   But I will post about one thing, I got a small award at work today and it felt nice to get recognized.  My company basically recognized a handful of employees for the work that they have done throughout the year.  I will be honest and say I thought I was not the appropriate person for the spirit of the award.  It was an award to recognize the people who do their job but might not normally get recognized.

While I have done great work this year, especially considering I'm literally doing three jobs, I have to say that I think my work gets recognized by the people that need to recognize it.  I am a very public figure at my company, so people know the amount of work I have on my plate and how hard it is.  I have to regularly meet weekly with most of the senior VPs in the company and I have my regular one on one with the president.  So it is hard for me to say that I do not normally get recognized.   I would also argue that many of the people who also got it are pretty visible people too.  I guess my preference would just be to give it to people who truly do do work that maybe nobody notices.

Nevertheless, it was nice to get an award.  For most people, the prize would be quite desirable.  I basically get to go to the a party my company is throwing at a famous Los Angeles Landmark.  The party is famous for being a pretty good time, and of course the venue this year is an interesting one ...


  1. It's still good to be recognized, not just by the upper management but also by your team and peers. At the very least the award exemplifies respect for your work and skills which then builds trust.

  2. Yes, I realize that. I am honored to be recognized. It is just the practical side of me would have rather it gone somewhere else.