Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Week of 2009 - What I'm Doing

I've done nothing this past week.  I've looked very hard at trying to do something, but I just can't find something I am comfortable with.  What I wish to do is get long something.  That is, I want to buy stock in either a specific company or in a sector.  I'm mostly looking to get long something in the Health Care sector, probably the Biotechnology sector (IBB), or crazy enough get even more long the Financial sector.  I would offset any position by getting short the market and then hope to stay neutral in my investment.

This would, I hope, keep me hedged and allow me to be neutral no matter what the market does, either up or down.  How sad is that?  Rather then make money, I am trying to stay neutral for now.   The job numbers come out tomorrow, and I do not expect very good things.  Worse things are coming, of that I'm sure.  It is hard to tell which way the market will move.  While I expect the job number to be bad, the market has reacted pretty well the last few weeks despite the bad news.

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