Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coming to A Blog Near You: Structure!

I've spent the last year blogging about whatever happens to come across my mind that day.  I admit, it hasn't been the most ordered way to go about things and I think I could use a nice kick in the pants when it comes to blogging.  To that end, I'm really going to try and focus this blog in the coming year and make sure I blog about the things that interest me (and my readers) on a more regular schedule.  To that end this is what I will attempt blog about:

Mondays: Mondays mean it is back to work, so expect me to talk about career advice and other things

Tuesdays: Probably one of my favorite topics, our government and the effect on our lives.

Wednesdays:  Economics.  It pervades so much of our lives, so I'll discuss some sort of economic concept and how it effects us day to day.

Thursdays: What's going on in the stock market and what I plan on doing about it

Fridays: Won't write every Friday, but when I do, it will be about something completely random that has little if anything to do with any of the other topics

Saturdays: Taking a day off

Sunday: Something personal.

I will not strictly stick to the schedule, I may change my mind if something else catches my attention that day, but I will   Let me know what you think


  1. I look forward to Friday posts especially, then ;)

  2. Man, I can't even blog one entry a week, not to mention one a day!

    Hey, how come you don't have a FB account? Or do you have one, and prefer not to make it public (which defeats the whole purpose)?

  3. Sounds great! I still appreciate your blog very much!

  4. Looking forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays.