Monday, January 19, 2009

Staying Late With the Team

I am tired tonight so I cannot write very much. The reason I am so tired is because I decided to stay late with my team tonight who is racing toward a deadline of tomorrow to release a project. Now, there really was no reason for me to stay with the team. I am a manager, that means I do not actually do the work, I just manage the people who do. So me staying tonight did not actually accomplish anything other than the slight boost in morale it gives my team :)

But I strongly believe in teams and it is a value I am trying to pass on to my team. That is why I stayed late with them tonight although I could not help them code or do the build. Most of my value is going to meetings, planning the work, and then directing the herd to accomplish the goals I have laid out for them. Late at night, in the rush toward a deadline, I am not much more than deadweight to the team. But I actually believe my presence, despite my uselessness, actually does serve as a positive. I think it is a little easier to stay late if you know your boss is staying late too. At the very least, you know your effort is not going unnoticed.

What do you think? Is it just stupid for me to stay late in this situation or does it actually make some sort of difference?


  1. I think it is excellent that you stayed. Did you buy them pizza? :-)

  2. Thanks. I offered to buy them food, but they were so focused on getting done, they kept insisting they were just seconds away, that they did not want me to go buy them dinner.