Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Know I Have Not Made It

It has been hot in California the last few weeks.  It has been in the 100's in some areas.  High 90's in the others.

If you are like me, you are not able to sleep at night if it is too hot.  Lucky for me, I have central air-conditioning.  My problem?  The air works much better in the living room than it does anywhere else.  Further, the temperature sensor is also in the living room.  So to get my bedroom cold at night would require that I put the temperature insanely low in the living room.  For someone like me who hates waste, this is not an acceptable solution.

Those who follow my blog know how I feel about the lower standard of living my generation now has compared to the previous generation.   It just does not make sense to me that someone with my combined household income has to make some of the trade offs that I have to make.  I am not really complaining about it, it is just the way life is.  But it is something I find particularly interesting.

Anyway, the reason I bring all of this up is that this "heated" situation just makes it all that more clear that I have not yet "made it".  To solve my hot night dilemma I have had to move my bed, or more accurate my mattress, into the living room.  I no longer have a living space, I have bed.  And to quote my fiancee, it just looks kind of "ghetto".  We are making the most of it.  In many respects we like it even better this way (we can now watch the big TV in bed).  But it just puts me in my place of how much farther I have to go to have a truly comfortable and un-comprising living situation.   A household that makes in the top 5% of the US has resorted to sleeping on a mattress, in the living room, on the floor.  But hey, at least I have the mattress.


  1. Time to consider moving to a less expensive state.

  2. Imagine if you live in New York....