Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too Hard on Candidates?

I'm usually in interview loops for most of the management positions in the company.  I believe in giving a simple "Hire/No Hire".  Most people in interview feedback are quite wishy washy.  They say things that are middle of the road without truly committing one way or the other.

But I learned early on that you have to give a solid yes or no on any interview.  When in doubt, you give a no.  This comes from the simple fact that it is much better to pass on the right person than it is to hire the wrong person.  Getting rid of the wrong hire can be really difficult.  So when it doubt, better to just pass on the person.   Now I'm not sure if it is the quality of candidates we are getting or if my standards are too high, but I have not been giving very many "Hires" lately.  Perhaps it is because I'm interviewing for mostly higher level management position.  These are the positions with the most leverage in the company.  A wrong hire here can affect dozens of people and really affect the profitability of the company.  Given that, I'm extremely reluctant to hire the wrong person.  But am I being too difficult.  If I'm giving out almost no "hires" are my standards just too high?

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  1. It's also harder to get rid of someone once hired. Better to choose the right person from the start, especially if your company does not have an immediate need for that position.