Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Bing

Promise to not make this a Bing blog but just wanted to write a few more comments on what I thought.  I spent my first full day using Bing and I liked it.  Haven't really missed Google yet, but time will tell.  Some of the features I liked best.

  •  Video and Picture search are very nice.  The interface is much better than Google's.  I like the preview of the Video when you hover over it and I like the lack of clutter when looking for pictures.

  •  Searching for restaurant chains will give you the most useful information right up top with a map of locations to boot.

  •  Searching for sports teams gives you their record, schedule, and recent scores.  It is laid out in a really attractive way

  • Not so sure about the feature on the right of the search which expands to give you more information about the page without having to visit the site.  Nice idea, but the few times I've used it not so good results.

  • The left hand navigation is useful for sure.  I like the suggestions it comes up with for the most part.  Sometimes they aren't useful, but most of the time the topic Bing suggest is pretty relevant.

  • Search history on the left is also good ... I think.  I do search for the same thing often, but not sure how useful it is to see what I just looked for.

I'll keep using it, but I promise this will be the last time I talk about it.

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  1. It's surprisingly pretty good (unfortunately I did not expect much).