Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crunch Time

It's crunch time at work.  Actually it has been crunch time for a while.  I have had to work, and make my staff work, for seven straight Saturdays.  the strain is starting to show.  I see my team sniping at each other more than usual and people just having general signs of burn out.  We will pull back a little bit, we are almost at the finish line, but that is when you have to sometimes push the hardest.

Post might be a little sporadic from me in the next few days.  The hours at work are just getting in the way of being able to write good blog post.

Just to keep you updated, I did add a small position in SRS.  The ETF promptly dropped 4% after I bought it.  I was about to sell out of it, but once again work got in the way.  Lucky for me, the stock rebounded slightly and is now down only 1% from where I bought it.  Depending on what the market does tomorrow, and if I have the time, I might just get out of the trade.

Wish me luck over the next few days.  Work is going to get crazy.

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