Sunday, March 15, 2009

BodyBackBuddy - A Review

Back Buddy Message CaneI am a back massage whore.  I constantly ask my Fianceé to rub my back and she was getting sick of it.  So I decided to get a Body Back Buddy Massage Cane.  It is an odd looking thing, but it is very effective.  I was not sure about getting it at first, but I figured at $30 it would not be that big of a risk getting it.  Add it to the fact that Amazon lets me return it within 30 days and it was a no brainer.

I have had this thing now for a few weeks and I have found it well worth the money.  It is no substitute for a good massage but if you have a knot in your back that you just cannot get at, this thing works great.  It can put very targeted pressure on a very specific spot.  Usually just what you need if you have had a hard day at the gym.  I find it very good on the trapezius parts of the back as well as the shoulders.  I find it less effective on my lower back where I often have a lot of back pain.  It is also supposed to be effective on other parts of your body like your feet and your legs but I rarely am sore in those parts of my body so have yet to really feel like this thing does anything for those body parts.

At the very least, this thing is a great conversation starter.  I usually have the thing lying around the house when guest come over.  If the person has never been to my place, they inevitably asks what the heck that thing is.   You have to admit, it is pretty odd-looking thing.  Most people think it is something for the cat since most of the odd looking things in the house are for the cat.

So while it is not a Massage Chair (which I will eventually get when I finally buy a house) it is not that bad at 1/100th of the price.


  1. This backbuddy looks like a Heros symbol.

  2. First time I have ever heard of this gizmo. Looks painful though.

  3. My Fianceè said the same thing.

  4. Looks more like a torture tool or something an S&M person would use.