Monday, March 23, 2009

Nothing Stops the American Consumer

I thought we are in the middle of a recession?

I went to Fry's this past weekend.  I'm looking for some accessories for a new laptop I just bought (more on that in a later post).  On the way to Fry's, I stopped at a mall that was nearby and could barely even get into the parking lot it was so busy.   Later, when I finally made it to Fry's, the parking lot was almost unmanageable.  I parked at the very far corner of the lot.  Inside was almost as bad.  They have a line that snakes around at Fry's, and it actually overflowed it.  Lucky for me I ended up not buying anything because I would have gone insane waiting in that line.

It just goes to show you, people will keep buying no matter what the heck is going on around them.  I had some hope that America would learn its lesson and end its spendthrift ways.  Maybe it was too much to ask for.


  1. Perhaps, but in Lake Forest where I work, the food court where people from the surrounding businesses eat lunch is practically a ghost town now. It used to be hard just to grab a table, but now the crowd has significantly thinned out.

    Ate at In-N-Out today. It was very slow.

  2. I haven't noticed the same thing in my food court but I haven't looked that closely as I'm using just running to get something to eat and returning back to my desk. I have very much kept an eye on it at the mall and shops, and it just doesn't seem to have thinned out. Maybe most people are "window shopping" since they can't afford to do much more.

  3. The malls by my house are still very packed. I don't know people are mostly browsing, but I see a good number of people every weekend.