Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finding Time to Exercise

Gym Weights

As I write this, I am extremely sore from a workout I did last night.  This is because I have not hit the gym in the last two weeks.

As I get older, I find more and more excuses to not work out.  Last week, it was because my Fiancee was sick and I stayed at home to take care of her.  The week before that, I was extremely busy at work trying to work through all the layoff issues.  The week before that, I was busy at work with reviews.  The funny thing is, I do not think I am any busier than I was a few years ago, I just think I got better at making excuses. I do not even play basketball anymore, and it used to be the case that absolutely nothing got in the way between me and some court time.

It really is too bad.  I think staying in shape is an important thing and something that is highly underrated.  When you exercise you look better, you feel better, you think better, and you are treated better.  Yet when things start backing up, and life becomes busy, it is one of the first things to go even though it should really be the last.  I never thought I would give up exercise.  I enjoyed it so much growing up and I cannot believe I am now having to force myself to go do something I used to enjoy so much.

I have decided to carve out some time somewhere to work out.  Most likely it will have to be during lunch.  I am too lazy to get up early in the morning and I am usually wiped out after work.  The only time that will work is sometime in the middle of the day, and that means I am working out at lunch.


  1. I hear you on making excuses. If it wasn't for my wife dragging me, I would probably not go at all. Maybe that's what you need: a workout buddy.

  2. Something I have learned about myself: if I wait to do my exercises at night, I will never do them. I have to do it in the morning. Get it out of the way then not think or feel guilty about it all day.

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