Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why You Should Not Spend Money on Your Pets

Kitty in Crate

One thing I have learned over the years is to not try to spend money on my cat.  When I first got my cat, I used to go to the pet store and try and find things he would like.  I spent lots of money on toys, and bedding in an attempt to make him happy.  The thing I quickly learned was that my cat often did not like anything that I spent money on but would instead prefer the scraps off other things.

I first learned this lesson the first Christmas I spent with my cat.  I got him a few catnip toys and a few fake mice.  His favorite gift?  The ribbon and paper that everything was wrapped in.   Just to make sure that I learned my lesson my cat decided that he would make as his new bed the cardboard crate that the new dartboard I bought came in.  I am not sure why he likes it, it is not particularly soft and is kind of noisy with the plastic wrap, but he sleeps in it pretty much every chance that he gets.  So save your money and instead just give your cat the refuse off of the things that you buy.  I promise you, your pets' tastes are probably pretty different from yours.


  1. How funny. My dog does the same thing.

  2. I guess this means you won't be spending any of your bonus on your cat?