Monday, December 29, 2008

2008, a Look Back

2008 a look back

I've had this blog a little bit over a year.  In that year, I will admit I haven't done a heck of a lot to try and grow this site.  I would like to make the excuse that my new job has been much more demanding then I would have realized.  I could argue that I have done really well in my financial goals by putting my focus there rather than to focus on this site.  But in the end, it would just be excuses.  It would all be true and valid but I for one do not like it when people make excuses, so I will not be making them here today.

However, despite this lack of focus in building this site, I am somewhat impressed I have blogged as much as I have.  I have a little over 200 post for the year.  That's no small feat and means I'm averaging about a post every week day.  I hope to do even better next year.  More on that to come.  I decided I would look back at what I wanted to accomplish with this website and see how far off I veered.

  1. Double my $20,000 - I gave up on this one just a few month into the year.  I just didn't have the time to do it and in reality, I'm sure I would have failed at it given how poorly the market performed.  I would have done better then the market, I probably would have even made money in the money I was trading, but I would not have gotten anywhere close to doubling the money, that is for sure.

  2. Develop another source of Income - I did not get to this one either.  Sad really.  It was something I really really wanted to do.  I make a nominal amount through this site, but just barely enough to cover my yearly cost so nothing much to speak of here.

  3. Watch my basket more carefully - This one I have actually done thanks in no small part to this website and the discipline it has made me have.  Still, I lost track of a stock or two and held on to a few I probably should not have.  But everyone had losers this year and I'm chalking this one up to the bad market.

  4. Spend more money - This one was the crazy one.  Easy for some, hard for me.  I did loosen up the purse strings ever so slightly.  I bought myself a 50" Plasma TV , a new Digital SLR camera, and a host of things for the apartment (including upgrading the apartment itself).  I even bought an engagement ring.    Admittedly the last one should not count as I would have done it regardless of my decision to spend more money or not but the first few are definitely a departure from me and my frugal ways.  All said, it was a lot of money for me.  Does it prevent my fiance from calling me frugal?  Nope.  She is probably right.  I still skimp and save probably more than I should given our income level.  But in the end, it always comes down to the fact that I rather save now and retire early later.  Then again, with the way our economy is going and the reaction of our government, they may make that impossible.

So all in all, not a very successful year from the blog perspective. It was a very successful year for so many other reasons.  I got the job under control now, where before I was miserable at times.  I got back to California and could not be happier with that move.  And of course, I got engaged!  I honestly could not ask for much more of a successful year.  Well, that is until we turn the calendar to 2009 ...


  1. I was hoping you would have been able to double your money... but I guess if you were even close, these past 2 months would have undone everything anyways. Here's wishing 2009 will look up.

  2. Yeah, I would have liked to have attempted it, and of course succeeded. But the last few months would in all likelihood wiped me out if I had come close.