Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to Ace the Second Interview

I read a great tip on how to ace a second interview.  You have done well enough to be asked back for a second interview.  Normally a second interview is a serious sign that you are seriously being considered for the job.  Often times, you actually already have the job and the interview will be used as an opportunity to sell you on the potential job.  This is especially true in competitive industries or for very talented people.

But how do you ensure that you will get that job offer after your second interview.  The secret is to pay good attention during your first interview and ask the right questions.  You should leave your first interview with the following knowledge

  • Why are you hiring this position?

  •  What are the problems you are facing now and how do you want someone in this position to help out?

  • What would you consider to be success in the first 30,60,90 days?

After you get these answers, you should prepare a plan on how to address all these issues.  Make sure you talk to your future boss and explain a plan on how you would address all these issues.  This does a few things for you.  First, it shows you are paying attention.  Second, if the plan is good, it shows you can think through the challenges and you can actually do the job.  Third, and most important, it is going to get your future boss envisioning you in the position and you can discuss reasons why or why not your plan will work.  As soon as you start having this dialog with your future boss, s/he will already be thinking of you in the role, and will be more likely to give you the job.

What do you think?  Does this sound like a rational plan?  Do you have other ideas on how you should approach a second interview?

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