Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That Good Deal, Not So Good

In fact the deal can be bad for you in multiple ways. Here is what I'm talking about.  I went to get a sandwich today at Quiznos.  I decided to get a small sandwich because I wasn't that hungry and I find that the small is a good size for lunch.  Anything more than that is too filling.

But as I was ordering my sandwich,  I noticed that the large was only $7.00, only $2.00 more than my small.  This must be a recently reduced price because normally the large is about $9.00.  The part of me that loves a good deal was tempted to just order the large.  After all, it was only $2.00 more and I would have gotten much more sandwich.  But that's the problem, and actually it is two fold.  First off, I didn't really want more sandwich, but we love a good deal so we are willing to spend more money for something we don't really want.

The bigger problem was that the sandwich would make me bigger.  As I've gotten older, I definitely have to think about what I eat.  It would have been so easy to just order it and eat the whole thing.  American's love of a good deal combined with our desire to "finish what's on your plate" definitely isn't helping America's waistline.  So not only would I waste money, I would be getting fatter, and I would eventually have to deal with all the consequences of getting fat.

Do you find yourself doing that too?  Do you buy things you don't really need just because you can get a good deal on it?  Why do you think you do it?


  1. I would buy the bigger one and save some of it for tomorrow...

  2. Subway has footlongs for $5.

  3. The $5 footlongs are awesome.