Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Panasonic Plasma: First Thoughts

Kobe Drives

So I've spent the day with my plasma, and I grow to like it more and more.

The TV got its first major test today, as I watched Game 3 of the NBA finals.  One of the major reasons I got this TV was because I watch lots of sports, and I can't stand watching fast action sports on LCD TVs.  I have to say, the set looks fantastic.  I've been watching the games on my 24" LCD monitor, which is actually pretty good.  Now I don't want to compare an LCD monitor to an LCD TV, as they are different beast, but nevertheless, I didn't know how great the game could look having never really watched a true HDTV in the comfort of my living room.

Every Kobe drive and all of Sasha's Daggers were brought to me in crystal clear High Def.  The TV produces an unbelievable picture with amazing color accuracy.  The dish installation comes on Thursday, so I will have to wait a few days to get dozens of HD channels, but the OTA broadcast is pretty good.  Not much beats a Lakers win, the only thing that might would be watching a Lakers win on this HDTV!

Once you get HD, its hard to go back.  I only have two true HD sources, OTA broadcast and a few 1080P films I have on my computer.  Other than that I only have my DVD player, my Wii, and my old Xbox, none of which will output a true HD signal.  The TV does an adequate job of upscaling the picture, but compared to HD it just isn't the same.  Pictures are of course noticeably softer, but what else can you expect?

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