Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another California Advantage

Thought of another California advantage today.  I have a black Honda Accord.  I both love and hate black cars.  Black, when clean, is the best color to have on a car.  It is very shiny and reflective and just makes the car look fantastic.  Of course, black is also impossible to maintain.  Every little scratch shows up on a black car.    Also, a dirty black car just looks faded and old.

I washed my car this weekend, and it is still clean.  The entire time I was in Seattle, I only washed my car about twice.  The problem was that whenever I washed my car in Seattle, it would rain the next day.  There goes the car wash.  So my car just stayed dirty.  I hate a dirty car, but also hated wasting my time washing the car.

But not in California.  I washed my car and my car stays washed.   It's great.  Chalk up another advantage for California.

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