Monday, March 15, 2010

Schwab - Still Having Problems

It is now the middle of March.  I opened up my Schwab account in December.  In all that time you would guess that I would have been able to pull out some money from my account using an ATM machine.  I still have not been able to.  It is not entirely Schwab's fault, I have had some issues of my own remembering my PIN, but for heaven sake, how long will it be before I'm able to pull some money out.  I'm so frustrated with everything if things go wrong this time, I'm closing the account.


  1. I recently opened up a Schwab account too, probably a few weeks before you. Their systems and processes do seem a little clunky...

    However, the account is AMAZING for international travel. I'm currently on a work rotation in Shanghai and I'm not paying any ATM or transaction fees for withdrawing money here. The zero fees and the bonus of a decent interest rate (for a checking account) have made the account pains worthwhile for me.

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