Sunday, August 30, 2009

Market at the Turn

The market probably reached its top last week and I expect the correction I've been predicting the last few weeks to finally happen now.  If I'm wrong on this one, and I've been wrong lately, the market rally will happen without me.  I have a lot of money sitting on the sidelines, but there is just no way I can put money into a market that has run 50+% in the last few months.  The market could continue to rally from here.  Heck it could go 20% up more from here no problem.  But if it does, it does so without me and I will have missed out on one of the best market opportunities of my lifetime.

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  1. HI I happen to read this article, and I am new to all of this. Is it through an rss and more details? I wish I would learn something here.