Thursday, August 7, 2008

Giving a Compliment on Your Own Work

My organization is going through a very important change recently.  It was decided that the hiring practices for the technology organization were poor to say the least.  We did not have uniform job descriptions and the interviewing techniques left something to be desired.

I've been one of the people tapped to help bring us up to standard when it comes to these deficiencies.  I've had a lot of experience at other bigger companies and am considered the expert at my company in my specific dicipline (since I'm the only one here with my job).  I've been working with a consultant to come up with a job title and core competencies for my discipline.  I've also worked with her to come up with a list of standard interview questions that can be used by others so they know the types of questions they may want to ask when evaluating things like leadership, empathy, and dealing with ambiguity.

She sent me a list of questions to review and set up a meeting for us to discuss.  In the meeting, she asked me for my feedback on the questions.  I replied, "They are good.   In fact some of them are really good.  I think you did an excellent job coming up with questions that really get to the heart of the matter.  It's not easy coming up with quality behavioral interview questions."

It turned out that she based most of the questions on a list of interview questions that I sent her.  It was a list of interview questions that I personally used when evaluating candidates.  So in essense, I basically gave myself a pat on the back.

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