Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amazon Teasing Me

I'm pretty much decided on the TV I want. I'm going to get the 50" Panasonic. Now if I could only order the stupid thing.

I want to order from Amazon for numerous reasons. First off, they offer the TV at a great price. Second, I don't have to pay tax or shipping. Finally, they have a pretty liberal return policy if for some reason I don't like the TV. So that being said, I've waited patiently for them to have the TV in stock. They recently put up an "in stock" date of May 28. Well staring two days ago, they have moved the date one day later each of the last two days.

It reminds me of a problem I'm dealing with at work. We for some reason have an issue with hitting dates. We will set a date for some deliverable, not meet that date, set the date again, and still not hit that date. That is a big problem (and one I'm working to address). Here is the thing. When it comes to deadlines, if you have to slip, you slip only once. The next time you set a date, you better be damn sure you can hit the date or don't provide a date at all.

So here I am, sitting and waiting for them to get the TV in stock. The current release date is "May 30" but I know tomorrow they are going to move it to "May 31".


  1. Nice choice. Hope you get it soon.

  2. [...] enough, they delayed the “In Stock” date yet again the day after my original post about Amazon teasing me.   So I had to wait another day before I felt comfortable ordering it.  I got in on Friday [...]